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Mk 1 boom versus Mk 2 boom Maricat 4.3


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Ive got the opportunity to choose between these two booms.

The design and ease of use of the out haul track system on Mk 2 looks to be an advantage and it looks and feels a lot stronger than the Mk 1.

The Mk 1 is lighter and Ive never had any trouble releasing or tightening the outhaul on this boom.

Which way should I go,I am leaning towards keeping the old one.


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Something to consider when choosing a boom for the maricat. I have an older Mari and the boom came with 3 blocks permanently attached. The current Maricat rules don't allow for more than one block hanger to be utilised at a time unfortunately. So after removing the 3 blocks the boom I considered that it might be time to consider another section.

With the tripple block on one hanger the older boom bends under tension effectively releasing some outhall.. exactly what you don't want upwind when trying to flatten the sail.

For this reason I changed to the Mark 2 style boom.

If the load could be spread across more than one hound position the bending of the boom is less and I would have been saved the cost of a new boom.

Anyone know why we have the one block hanger rule for maricats? It seems to work against keeping costs down and improving the boat.

I also found it necessary to change to the 6 wheel traveller car because of the load using the tripple block. Would be able to use the 4 wheel car if 2 or 3 block hangers were allowed.

Any comments? there are a few odd rules in existance for Maricats.. the stays must be plastic covered is another one that comes to mind. I ordered a set of wires from a voucher won at the State Titles.. The wires turned up without plastic covering. Do we still need this rule?


I have to add this one. Why is minimum weight for cats 60kg? Why not set it at the average weight for adult males and average weight for the female sailors? This may encourage some people not to move to larger boats to remain competitive? And possibly encourage the kids to sail 2 up still being competitive.

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Similar to what the monohull single handers are now doing with weight.

It is a good idea but you are basically creating another class within the class and even though you are making it fairer for the different types of crews with weight and age, you are splitting the fleet.

Sometimes there is only one female racing, or only a couple of juniors, and it makes it hard to keep a full class.

If you have 50 boats turning up, then that is fine, but as we are rebuilding the class at the moment, it is a little ambitious, but worth keeping in mind.

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Although in an earlier post I gave my reasons for using the Mark 2 boom, now I am using the Mark 1 boom mostly because of the extra rake and getting hit alot with the boom while tacking and Jybing... the mark 1 boom hurts less smile.gif

In a breese I would still prefer to use the mark 2 boom.

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