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2005 nationals


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108kg's is the combined crew weight of Class B which is the sloop class.

If a person in full sailing clobber was over 108 kg's, can they then compete in that class???

To sail in class B do you have to have two onboard to qualify or can you go it alone?

This is an interesting thought.

If so, I would consider racing in Class B and not C if the winds are going to be light.

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So far the Maricat site says that we will be racing in the river, which is pretty good most of the time, but it is absolutley sensational when you head out to the open for some wave sailing as well.

I often head outside for a play. I hope we can get at least one race out there as it is a heap of fun in the swell.

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I do not think so.

I prefer sailing outside as it is a steady breeze and you also avoid the massive current that can flow when the tide is running. You can be out on the wire on a screaming reach, but if against the tide, you will be standing still, spray going everywhere and you think you are moving, but your not. It is a strange experience.

Outside it is great off Port, so maybe when we are there we can ask the committee.

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Guest bkkporter@aapt.net.au

Hi Ive puchased a M5.0 007 Currently sailing from port kembla ,Im interested in sailing the nationals , if there is a fleet,Could someone let me know.

Originally posted by BlackFriday:

Hi all, does anyone have a M 5.0, if so are you going to sail at the nationals, Just trying to see how many M 5.0's will be there if there will be a class or not.

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