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Sail Specs


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Obtained a great price for a Main and Jib through a well known sail loft but as they have not done a Mari 4.3 before, they have asked for the full specs for the sails.

I am hoping to obtain a smaller Jir (Resort Style) as my little crew member is not very strong.

Can anyone advise where I could obtain a diagram for the varying cuts of sails.

I have directed him to the Mari Website but was asked by a sailmaker about the weight that woul be on board as this effects the cut. Not sure about this but would like to learn.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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The sail dimensions are given on the maricat website www.maricat.net

The crew weight is important to the sailmaker because generally for heavy crew they use more luff round i.e. make the sail a fuller shape. For Lighter crews the sails are cut flatter. Both full and flat sails have the same outline or profile shape.

Hope this helps !

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The original jib is a lot smaller than the current jib, there may be some used ones lying around that are gathering dust that you could use until the little crew develops.

Also there is a variation in the mast bend between the different sections used on the masts.

best wat to measture it, is to attach the hallyard to the out haul car crank on the main sheet to the tension you sail under

Then run a line from the top of the mast to the base. measure the gap at the middle/ greatest gap.

this measurement will help the sailmaker develop the correct luff round.


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I have a square top sail developed for the maricat by Geoff Adams. It really is an excellent sail using modern materials and was intended for use in retro F14 competition. This is an option all though it cannot be used in Maricat events. No problem for club sailing or entry in F14 racing... a very fast and easy to handle sail !

There is no consideration at the moment to this type of sail being included in Maricat events although there was some interest early on.

If you are not intending to race in State or National Titles then it is a good option to consider.

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