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mast rack modify.


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ok I have herd the Maricat sailors are modifing there mast to put more mast rake in. How is this done and how much is being choped off on the foot.

With more mast rake therefore this will alter the rudder helm. So how much Rudder will I have to tuck under the boat if the mast is moved back.

Q2 The new sail cut is different to the old sail cut in the Leach lenght. So does this mean you can have a sail that measures in between the two sails.New and old sails.

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hi dood, My mast rake is set by the stay lenghts. 5.5m on the front a 5.0m on the back, provided the measurment from the centre of the honud eyelet to the bottom of your mast is 4.81m. The thimble of the froward stays are in the third hole of your chain platefrom the bottom.

The rudders are tucked under the boat 45mm in front of the transom, but this will vary from boat to boat with weight ect.

With the sail just get another eyelet put in 6" above the old one and don't cut the sail. Yes there will be some sail left dangling but it helps down wind in my opinion.

If you want sail specks, give me a call and I will post/fax them to you.

If you want to order a new sail $1,171.17 inclusive of GST and I can order it for you.

Mick 0419999785 Maricat Catamarans NSW.

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