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port stephens winter regatta


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I GOT RIPPED OFF. they gave the windy ss a first in the third race when he got a 4th. because of this he took out the regatta. I beat the windy ss on scratch 2 out of the 4 races and when he did win it was only just. Without the yard stick I won on scratch anyway.

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Sandwich Action & Full Tilt

You cant argue yardsticks because you do not have the elapsed times.

On scratch with placings as it happened not as per PSSAC website.

Sandwich action 2 1 1 2 = 6 less 2(drop) = 4

Full Tilt 1 2 4 1 = 8 less 4(drop) = 4

Riff-Raft 3 3 3 3 = 12 Less 3(drop)= 9

Suds 8 8 2 4 = 22 Less 8(drop)=14

Doodlebug 4 4 8 8 = 24 Less 8(drop)=16

8's being DNC or DNS

Paper tigers do not configure as req to start 3 races to constitute a series. This altered the points as they were counted in the last race and shouldnt have been. But good to see them turn up anyway.

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I have received an email from David Brickham, President of PSSAC saying they have made a mistake and will be changing the results. With or without the Paper Tigers, Full Tilt had a worse race than I did and even on the last race he timed the lasped time and stated that I got him. Fill Tilt had a drop race of 5 and I had one of 3.

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Originally posted by TornadoSport260:

How bout a couple of days at Kurnell?

We have our states at Kunell at Easter next year and I sailed in the last cock of the bay regatta with 2 other Maricats from Tanilba. It was great sailing and we had a ball. We will need to come down before the states so we will be there.

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