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Rigging a maricat 4.3 for a more working type vessel


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OK - don't laugh smile.gif

Me and a mate have been sailing a Marricat 4.3 for about a year now and love it.

At the same time we have spotted a few reefs close to the shore which we wouldn't mind fishing... we thought it would be good to go out on the cat - but would have to rig it totally different to allow for more space.

So basically we wouldn't want speed and it possible would like to lost the boom - maybe with a junk rig, or a furling mainsail (is that possible)

Has anyone done or seen or know of anything similar?


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Hi Tizer,

Outboard would be the way to go. Keep it small and light weight (6hp max) so it can be attached to the rear beam, and then all you need to do it work out a way of removing the rudder connecting bar easily, so you can swap the setup from O.B to sail depending on what your going to use the boat for on the day.

Besides, if you want to go to a particular spot on a reef, the wind won't always be blow'in the direction you want to be goin, so go with the O.B idea.



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Seriously tho folks, we tried using our old mari as an anchored platform from which to start waterskiers from, the problem was that when anchored, the shape of the hulls underwater caused the bloody thing to try to keep sailing, would'nt just sit with its bows towards the wind but kept on trying to go off on a tack. It did'nt seem to matter where we ran the anchor hawser from either, mast step, bridle between the bows. See how you go, it did provide a good wide stable platform to start skiers from though.

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There is a fairly simple answer to your problem. Buy a second hand main off any dinghy that only has leech battens (Corsair or similar), sew sail slugs to the bolt rope as done on all cruising yachts and you will be able to drop your main and secure it to the boom with a few shock cords, furl the jib, lift the rudders, anchor from a bridle across the bows and sit well forward to reduce the tendency to sail around the anchor.

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