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another new one


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Just put my order in for the latest demo boat. Well done to the local who picked up "Double Up 2" before the price rise next month.

Can't wait to try out the new rudder system.

Another coloured sail on the water to make it easy for spectators to see me at the front as usual.

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If you refer to the information on the Maricat Travellers Series you will see that the Maricat Association HAS created internal yardstick adjustments for "classic" Maricats.

The new foamies are 100% within the class rules and so the VYC and other open regatta yardsticks still hold. Other classes have made "improvements" to their boats over the years ie: Windies and PTs and still retain their Yardstick.

The Windies and PTs have had it over the poor old Maris for years. Now we have the boats and sailors to be competative with these other 14ft cats.

As an owner and sailor of a "classic" Maricat sloop we can and do beat the foam Cats and Super Sloops if we sail well and the conditions suit.

We sometimes see a brand new, all bells and whistles Foamie coming last (sorry Doggy !!).

The Boat don't maketh the Man, but the Man sure does maketh the Boat.

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Pointed Reply...

just to correct you... the Windy yardstick has come down since the introduction of Mylar Sails (shape change too) & Foam Hulls....

The thing with the windies is that a MkII Bulkhead GRP and a Foamy, are built to the same minimum platform weight of 77.5kgs....

Mari's however have reduced the platform weight with the foamies and slightly change the sail shape with the sail measuring rule change...

But all that said... i had Mick's number in 2-3 races at the Port Stephens winter regatta...

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I presume by your reference to a Maricat yardstick of 94 that you are referring to the Koonawarra Bay Yardsticks? If so, I thought I might give Koonawarra Bay's perspective on this.

Our yardsticks have been developed over 15 years of running our Koonawarra Bay 14ft Catamaran Regatta. There is a lot of results data behind them. As yet, we have not had a new foam sandwich Maricat compete at the regatta that I am aware of, although possibly Tony Zahra's boat was at the 2008 event in February. In that regatta, Tony, as the best placed Maricat, finished second overall and won only one of the five races on corrected time, with results of 1-2-5-4-4.

The 2008 results confirmed that the yardsticks are very close to being right. Over the years, we have had numerous state, national and international champions compete at the regatta across a wide variety of classes in a variety of wind strengths, providing us with a very good comparison of the performance of the various classes.

We have also seen remarkably close overall results nearly every year for many years, providing further evidence of the accuracy of the yardsticks. Many of the regattas over the last ten years have seen a spread of only two or three points across the top three boats in the final results.

At this point, we have decided not to mess with the yardsticks based on speculation, but will wait until we have some firm results to prove that there is an adjustment required.

You can view the complete list of Koonawarra Bay Yardsticks at www.koonawarrabaysc.org.au


Dave Stumbles

Koonawarra Bay SC

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Thanks Dave,

I will have to compeate in the next regatta and make sure the top Windy, PT, Arrow, Hobie if there are any still around.

Have a real comp.

The 14' Regatta at mannering park get a very good mix and I think results from that club would be worth looking at.

Well done Dave

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I think you missed what im saying, the yardstick of 94 is outdated because the data used to create it is for the pre foam/sail rule redesign Maricats. its a very accurate yardstick for those boats, but as with the Windrush we had a yardstick change about 1.5-2yrs after we adopted the foam hulls/mylar sails.

This will be the case with the Maricats, because you cant take 20kgs out of a boat, add more power through the sail rule change and expect to race on the same yardstick.

Its like stripping 200kgs from a Ford XR8 and throwing in the Mustang Saleen 5.4L V8 with the worked Cams. (Slight exageration but you get my point)

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The Manufacturer is firm in saying that the boats are at the minimum weight stated 35 years ago and that no changes should be made for the Maricats. However I am prpared to have a yardstick challenge.

Peter Breadon on a SS maricat clasic flogs me and will certainly flog any SS windrush in the right conditions for me. I know in the right conditions for a windy that I have no chace in beating a SS windrush on scrach and even on yard stick. I am prepared to be handycapped as a test subject if it makes you guys feel better. My determination to win every regatta will set the correct yard stick for a cat rigged maricat provided I have equal compertition. BRING ON THE 14' REGATTAS AND CHAMPION SAILORS.

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Tornado: What I was trying to say was that we can accommodate a change to the yardstick, but not before we see results to prove the change is actually required. For us to make a change based on speculation would undermine all the good work that has gone into the yardsticks over the years. As Humungus has suggested, it would be well worthwhile for us to look at the results from Mannering Park events, as long as top sailors in various classes have been represented to provide a fair comparison. And yes, we did have a different yardstick for the improved Windrush many years ago. It is interesting with the performance of the foam sandwich Maricat that there is a variation between what the manufacturer is saying and what most of the sailors seem to be saying. Is there an obvious way to tell the difference by appearance of the two so that a club can differentiate with regard to the yardstick to apply?

Yarra Bay: The aim of developing the Koonawarra Bay Yardsticks was to try to address the anomalies in the VYC Yardsticks, which have been quite inaccurate in regard to 14ft catamarans. We felt that this was the best way to provide fair results for our annual 14ft catamaran regatta and we believe we have achieved this. It is an added bonus that some other clubs have decided to also use the yardsticks we have developed. However, if I sail an event at another club, I am prepared to accept whatever system they decide to use.


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I agree that speculation isnt the way yardstick changes should be verified.

But as more get on the water and frequent more regatta's you'll see the yardstick change.

On another note. there has been some incorrect information circling that the Mannering Park regatta is on the October long weekend. Its actually on the weekend after the October long weekend... also known as the Bathurst 1000 weekend...

so unfortunately due to work commitments at the Bathurst 1000 i wont get to race Mick and help prove that national champ v national champ = Maricat yardstick change...

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