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Maricat 4.8 fact finding mission.


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A long, long time ago I use to sail a Hobie on Sydney Harbour and then things changed and the sailing stopped, I have been missing it ever since. Every Catamaran I saw for sale beckoned to me but life can get in the way most times and my procrastination persisted. Until, like before I saw this Cat for sale and like before I looked, this time though, I made the call “ Hi Babe, Yeah, look I’ve seen this Catamaran for sale, it’s been so looked after and the kids are going to love it!”

In the end I did the deal and the old fella that had to let it go for he got to old really should have asked for more.

Here is the thing, Sure I’ve heard of Maricats but seems this boat is of a rare breed, a 4.8.

Some of you know it, some bag it others don’t, I’m learning again to sail on it and as far as I’m concerned, she has brought back all those feel good moments like when your out on the wire and you feel like your flying.

I would like to learn more about the 4.8, like how to tune the rig for one, she’s got a bendy 8.5M mast with an extra set of stays, I think there called baby stays.

I live on the South Coast in Berry and would also like to know if there are others 4.8s around.

My Regards,




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Hi Glyyn! I have never sailed a 4.8 but remember them well. at the time they were being sailed they introduced some interesting ideas to that size boat. I always thought they were a pretty boat. I think the biggest problem with these boats was there weight. there were a few sailing around newcastle in the 80s. Gavin Luxton use to have one but I have no idear how to contact him now. it is just great to be on the water. ENJOY. a bit cold for me to go sailing now though.


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I sailed on Gavin Luxtons 4.8 a couple of times. First cat I sailed where the bows went under water and then came back up again with no pitch pole, amazing stuff, at the time.

I still sail a similar type catamaran, Mosquito, however always remember the 4.8 well for introducing me to the type of sailing I enjoy most.

Does Newcastle Cat Club still exist?





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