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Total Rudder Frustration


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Hi there. I have a Maricat 4.3 and am new to saling. About 1 month ago, the transom on one hull cracked and was repaired professionally. The repairers set up the rudders in a different configuration but it seem to be a disaster.

THe problems are:

1. The rudders pop up reguarly when under full sail but not when hitting sand banks.

2. Then when they are up they are almost impossible to wind back down using the lever arrangement (what's that called?)

3. Because of the force we have to use to get the rudders back down, the ropes/cords then slip through the crimp/bolt thing (what's that called?) that secures to cord toe the lever thingy even thought I have tightened them up I believe as much as I can.

4. As a consequence of #3 the rudders then change their toe in angle to the extent that (today) I couldn't get them down to normal postion at all.

I am at a loss knowing how to set them up properly.

Can anyone help?

PS I sail around Brisbane - anyone else sailing in the area???

Cheers and thanks.

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Thanks John. Your offer is much appreciated. However I think I have it fixed - or in the process at least. I called into Humpybong and they showed me a different system using a 2 for 1 pulley and a rubber bunge as a shock absorber. I am half way through making the changes and will test it out soon. Thanks again.

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