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Buying a 4.3


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Howdy partners.

I am buying a place in the country and it has a decent sized lake on it. I would like to think it is big enough to sail a 14 footer.

If there are any decent Maricat's out there at the right price I would be interested.

Coloured sails fine. I wish I had not sold my old one a few years back.


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I am in the process of doing a mk2 up. sail number 2354.

I am fitting new stays, repairing the tramp tracks, had the main modified for racing, new main sheet rope and going right over her. She will be ready to race. The trailer is not registered but I know where there is a good registered trailer for $400.00. The boat, cat rigged without the trailer will sell for $1,300.00. With unregistered trailer $1,500.00

Phone Mick 0419999785.

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