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Here is the place to talk about general 14 foot cat racing about.

There is still the Maricat Forum which can now just be for Maricat 4.3 and 5m, but this is a great place for general 14 foot catamaran discussions.

It is great to see a resurgence in interest in this class of sailing and it is up to the sailors to keep it going.

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I've posted some links to current discussions of interest elsewhere on the site for people from other classes who may be just joining in here. Have fun catching up smile.gif

In short there are two regattas being run next season (2004-2005) for 14ft cats, one at Mannering Park on Lake MacQuarie and the other is the annual regatta for 14's at Koonawarra Bay SC on Lake Illawarra which is celebrating it's 12th anniversary. A third has been mooted if there's sufficient interest.

A new F14 division is on the move and the idea so far is to use these regattas to run a 14ft series for two divisions in this class, one for outright F14 line honours and the other for fastest retro fitted existing F14 over the series. Should be a lot of fun.






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ok, what you have there is the link to the page, not the image. try it again with


and you will find it will work fine. the easiest way to get the address is to right click on the photo, and then click properties, it will give you the address that you can just copy and paste.

looks just like my old alpha omega, its a real pity they are such are mongrel to tack, otherwise a very cool little boat.

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I remember when the AO came out with Bob Lawrence sailing one for a couple of seasons.

Hey Bern, when you get up close to them they are not like anything else you have ever seen with a "tear drop" shaped hull. They are very bouyant and as you read in an earlier message, and absolute bugger to tack at times.

They are pretty quick and a lot of fun to sail, but I think that you would get a Nacra 14sq over one of them at the moment.

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The space bar??? what are we sailing? the star ship Enterprise??? I always like a little "space" when I belly up to the bar!

Berny the 14sq Nacra, by all accounts was loosely (very loosely) based on the 4.4 Alpha,some years after the Alpha came out, so there should be some similarity. There never was a problem with the tacking ability of the alpha, only with the way that sailors tried to tack it! If the mainsheet wasn't let off going through the tack then the boat would tack and then tack back into irons well before the sailor had time to get over onto the other side of the boat. "We know what the horse is like, it's the jockey that we are unsure of".

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