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I will put the beer on when you pay me for the main sail I got cut for you that got you third place and also give me back my jib, that also helped you to third place.

Also mate, as you were the most colourful boat there, it got you in all the photo's.

Looking at it, I think you should put the beer on.

You can bring it in that snazzy new Audi.

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The official word from Audi is that the RS4 was not designed for towing and as such it does not have the suitable cooling equipment fitted to the car to enable towing, when I pointed out that I was not planning to tow a 1.5 tonne fishing rig and it was more like a 250kg beach cat including trailer, they were happy to refer me to the standard A4 wagon towbar, which will have to be modified to fit as will the rear bumper.... Should cost around 2.5k to fit, which is only 3.125 times the cost of the boat it will be towing!! now I am really happy I saved all that money on the maricat!

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Thursday August 12th at 5pm at Ryan's Bar in the city I will be meeting the Commodore of Balmoral Sailing Club Mr David Owen.

Ryan's Bar is below Australia Square.

Macca and I will be there and anyone else is more than welcome to join us.

It is only a casual meeting, but an important start to get catamaran racing back on Sydney Harbour and at one of the best sailing spots in Sydney, if not Australia.

They are looking at not only weekend racing, but holding regatta's and open days.

It is a great club and in a top spot, so please pass on any information you may wish for the meeting or, turn up. It will only be for about an hour.

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