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Windrush pics


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Just wondering if anyone can send me some pics of a windrush fully rigged with jib and main? In particular, the down haul, boom vang and traveller (anything else that attaches to the boom).

I have recently purchased a windrush - and i am almost certain there are parts missing from it. I have downloaded the manual from windy association....but the illustrations dont print out that well - not enough detail.

Also, if there is someone out there who has one with mylar sails, i would like to hear from you. I seem to have a bit of threading trouble and wonder if it is the sail or the mast track itself.

If someone could help me out on this, i would appreciate it.

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chuckle....'Pointy' - you are a funny guy!

Darren...what part of Aus are you living in? Obviously you are a windy owner, which means you may be able to help me out here. smile.gifAny chance you could email me some pics?

To the other guys who responded - thank you. I have already been to all the 'obvious' sites, googled windrush etc - but none of them have close up decent photos of the boom/mast rigging.

Supposedly the biggest 14 racing class out there, but so far no one has a close up pic of one???!

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The biggest 14 racing class out there???

OK, there's not a clear cut way to measure it, but if you consider numbers at Nationals, I doubt the Windrush is the biggest. Maricats, Paper Tigers and Arrows would be bigger from my observations.

Not to say they don't have a decent class, but I doubt even the Windrush guys themselves would make this claim. They might claim the "fastest", but then that would just upset the F14 guys!

I hope I haven't opened a can of worms!

All in good fun.



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hey dave....i read that somewhere on a windrush site...just thought i would use it - not saying its gospel.

Darren i look forward to the pics and i WILL probably contact you in a couple of weeks....i just have a lot on at the moment and sailing has kinda been put on the back burner.

Are there any windy owners living somewhere near the sunshine coast??

xamelot(sorry if spelt wrong) chuckling cos it was probably on the WA site that i got it from! but dont quote me.






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Hi Firekat,

I am sure that when the Windrush nats are held in WA they get really good fleets, and I know that when a cricket test match is on in Perth, that they allways have fleets of windies,(no pun intended)reaching up and down the Swan, a really great picture being broadcast to the world promoting our favourite sport.

pete smile.gif

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Firekat, with regards to trouble threading the bolt rope of the main into the mast... im sorry but this is a common thing with the mylars on Windrush the last 3 panels are a pain in the * so to speak. Try a silicone based spray, local yacht chandlery should have some. Bout $10 a can.

Dave, I'd say that Windrush would go very close to being the biggest 14 class by sheer no. of cats racing (mainly WA). But i agree if u look at our nationals we get bugger all boats. I'd have to also say that the PT or Arrow fleets would go close too.

Yeti, righting ropes arn't a difficult thing on any 14. Just run a rope from port side of your front beam to the port side of your rear beam then across the bottom of the rear beam to the starboard side and then back to the starboard side of the front beam.

To keep it stuck to the rear beam using an occy strap interlaced in the tramp rope.

Simple, effective and v quick to get undone. No need for anything fancy, coz if one plans to capsize so much they need a fancy system, one should concentrate on staying upright...

Darren, where are you racing this weekend? Dad is bringing my boat down from the Hunter and I WANT TO RACE!

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Tornado...you hit it on the head. it IS the last 3 panels!! And i do swear at it alot. I already have some silicon spray, but its not due to 'tightness' of the bolt rope - its more about it not staying in the track without a significant amount of 'persuasion' and swearing to keep it there. It would be impossible for me to rig this boat alone - PURELY because it takes one to keep the sail in the thread and the other to use full body weight on the main halyard. am very disappointed about this - as that was my main reason for choosing this boat. But it seems like i am just going to have to live with it.

Tornado....why dont you send me some pics of your boat?? *smile with raised eyebrows.

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The only photos i have of my boat are on the Koonawarra site 6270 "Rush". I only bought it 2months ago.

There are ways and means of keeping the bolt rope in the track. The reason it is so tight is because of the luff curve of the sail.

If you lay your sail out on the grass, you will notice a significant curve in the front of the sail. This Luff Curve provides alot of the shape of the sail when fully rigged.

However it also requires that the mast bends to suit the shape of the sail, so while your hoisting your main up the mast, you are actually fighting the mast to get it to bend to the shape of the luff curve.

Hence the last 3 panels are %$@&*^ annoying.

A trick to help you get it up, is put one hand on the sail (your hand should be underneath the batten cup of the lowest batten that is inside the track, push upwards against the batten cup) and then pull on the halyard with the other free hand.

HOOD, i've had many Windrush mylars and use silicone spray on all of them, never had a problem with deterioration. My first set of mylars lasted 8yrs and was then continued to be used by Darren on Fulltilt until he bought new sails. Those sails we still competitive after i sold the boat.

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candle wax for lubing bolt rope...I have done this with great success for 40 years....tea light candle are fine and quickly create a rounded groove. Always have it is my kit.

All mian 14s on market are great boats..each have their better points...can't go wrong, just get in the water.

Go to a Windrush meet and don't sail, take photos of all geat boats and how they rig quicklt, tow them etc etc.....set up a nice clear foilder with all info for quick references.

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