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Trailer ATM and TARE

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Hi All

What do you reckon as a real rough estimate your average 14 foot cat would weigh and what a trailer would weigh.

I have to come up with rough estimates for a VIN plate (atm and tare) as the trailer has never been registered before.

Any guess's estimates greatly appreciated and you will have extremely good karma coming to you smile.gif


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Recently went through this in NSW:

- register trailer only, unloaded. Dont even show them the boat. The load you carry doesn't have to be registered.

- under 250kg means it doesn't need power brakes or annual inspection

- public weighbridge ticket required, or weight listed on previous rego

My 7 x 4 box trailer was 175kg. I've added a timber rack to carry 2 Paper Tigers and pulled about 320kg behind my 800kg Barina; such as UP Brown Mountain to Canberra! No worries.

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