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Mannering Park Club Racing


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To all those who missed it, you should have been there...

4 of Aust. fastest 14ft sailors racing in a challenging 15-25knt SE on the weekend.

Mick Colcliff(Mari Cat), Ian Marcovich (Paper Tiger), Warren & Michael Pfeffer (Windy SS).

Mick got the upper hand in race 1 with Ian, Warran & myself giving him a headstart because we were late to leave the beach...

Second race, there were no headstarts and Warren & I got out to a fair lead in the breeze with Mick holding off Ian.

Was some great close racing, its the club to be at if your a 14ft sailor...

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G'day Darcy,

Just to clarify, the Paper Tigers will be at Kogarah Bay for their State Titles, which have been held on the Australia Day long weekend for over 20 years. They do try to support your 14ft cat regatta though.

Hopefully we will see some of Mannering Park's huge 14 foot cat fleet at the Koonawarra Bay 14ft Cat Regatta on 14th & 15th February.



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