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Where abouts are you located ?

The best bet would be to contact your state PT assocation. Other than that if you give Goodall's a call they have a stack of US sections in stock.

Some sailors say they are disappointed with the temper of these masts, and last i heard there was a new spec. mast on the way from China that has had input from top PT skippers.

I think that no matter what mast you get, the way the tiger is rigged if you go out in a blow in over 20knots and don't pay attention you will risk bending or snapping a mast.

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There is a contact in Hervey Bay who I can see if he has any spare masts. He is selling his boat though - Wazza Tiger sail no. 3058. if you email me at nswptca@tpg.com.au I can give you his details.

As for the Chinese masts, I've been told they have been made, but they probably wont get to Australia till around February.

Goodall is probably the best option as he is able to get them sent up to you (but it's probably not cheap).

Goodall's contacts (from Whitepages):

Goodall Yacht Sails

(03) 5443 6910

50 Craig St

Bendigo VIC 3539



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I recently replaced an old oval-section mast with a new chinese one, & Keith Deed base. The improvement in boat speed is HUGE! Because the air leads smoothly onto the sail, the wing-shaped mast section effectively becomes part of the sail, increasing sail area by about a meter square.

I fitted a Deed mast base, which was made for an America section mast but didn’t take too much filing to make it fit. Designing and installing a halyard system is the big challenge. Stay wires and vang system easily swapped over, but the gooseneck also required custom–made bits.

Following info about masts reproduced from Vic & NSW PT newsletters:


Garry Williams’ (Wagga) efforts to source a new mast section for PT’s has born fruit. They are being delivered in Victoria by the end of February. The masts are being manufactured to a high specification with good quality control promised.

All members are encouraged to support the venture by placing an order. Contact VPTCA President Luke Stout - stout@alphalink.com.au asap.

Chinese Mast Section

Members $280.00ea

Non-Members $300.00ea

Location: Wagga Wagga (LOTS), Wollongong (10), Gosford (?)

America Mast Section

Members $370.00ea

Non-Members $400.00ea

Location: Wagga Wagga (0), Wollongong (2), Gosford (0)

Mast Bases

They are machined aluminium with spigots to house the vang spanner bolt and they include a stainless attachment for the downhaul. They are $55 (includes postage).

Contact Keith Deed (03) 5984 0503 kfdeed@hotmail.com

Goodall Mast Bases (Cast Aluminium) to suit American Mast Section

Members $80.00ea

Non-Members $90.00ea

Location: Wollongong (3)

Contact: Neil Waterman 0413 006 760, (02) 4273 0112, nswptca@tpg.com.au

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hi tony thanks for the infomation on the chinse masts. Have bought oval masts for the kids just have to wait till they break these new ones. There are a few juniors looking for PTs around the area mainly fiberglass boats. Only time will tell wether the new sections are stronger than the American section. CHEERS BRUCE

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G'day Bruce,

If you have some young guys looking for second hand PTs, that's fantastic news! We are here to help.

If you can post your e-mail address here or phone me, I can send you a list of boats for sale that I know about.

If there's anything else we can do to support you guys up there, please let me know.


Dave Stumbles


Paper Tiger Catamaran International Assoc.

Phone: 0400 476 449

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