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Hobie Tiger Worlds

mal gray

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Australian teams travel to Singapore this week to compete in the Carsberg Third Hobie Tiger Worlds which begins Sunday. The field is small compared to that which attended the previous two events at lake Garda in Italy but the Quality is high. Leading teams from Europe, USA, Australia and South Africa will all be in contention for the title. This is the first Tiger event where Australian teams have had the luxury of using their own boats which were shipped to Singapore a fortnight ago.

For results and news http://www.hobieworlds.com


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Hey Mal, this might have been better in the Hobie users forum, ATM it looks like no one uses a Hobie smile.gif

Is Booth going to represent Australia?? cause we would have a show of whipping some yankee butt smile.gif

I notice they are haveing the Hobie 14 worlds, can you settle this for us. My mate rekons that production has stopped in USA but I cant see it, they would have to be still very popular.

carn ozzie!!!

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Mitch will be most likely be representing the Netherlands.

BUT the Aussie team is headed by Brad (Shrek) Sumner and Kevlar (Donkey) Winchester. They are a really strong chance after placing second in the last tiger worlds, and dominating the aussie racing so far this summer.

Then there's Steve Fields and Pete Dubelar (2nd at this years nationals). Steve placed 10th in a fleet of almost 100 in the last tiger worlds.

Mal (I'm over my baggage wieght limit with these spare spis) Gray and Jerome (tree climber) Binder are also likely to do really well - if only they can stop blowing out spinakers!!!

Gav (the cat wacker) Colby and crew Cori are also representing Aus, and Gav would have to be a threat after a 3rd in the last tiger worlds, and also is the current Hobie 16 world champ.

Then throw in former H16 world champ (current H18 nat champ) Aaron Worall and the Aussie fleet in Singapore looks pretty shit hot!!!

Pete (wish I was there) Skewes

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Skewsie has cleared up most of it.

The Australian Hobie Class has had a very popular message board for hobie users for a long time. URL=http://www.hobiecat.asn.au/wwwboard/]http://www.hobiecat.asn.au/wwwboard/

I guess there is not the demand for two, so this one never took off for hobie users. If you check it out, you'll notice that it is quite good fun and informative. There is no "slagging-off' of other classes like you might find on other websites (this one excluded)

I think the hobie 14 is on the back burner in USA but it is still produced on order in AUS and Europe. It is still a popular little boat, worldwide and so yes there is a Worlds scheduled in Germany. www.hobieworlds.com

We do have some strength in the Aussie tiger team. I just hope we get some breeze. The observations show light wind most days.

[This message has been edited by mal gray (edited 07 February 2003).]

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Did I say Booth would win the Tiger worlds???? Thats it, we are going to have to reclaim him back to the AUS team!

Well done to Aaron Worrall Andrew Keag for coming fourth in tough fleet.

There was 30 odd boats, and it looks like a top spot to sail. I thought they should have had more entries??

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