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Paper Tigers have such highly adjustable rigs that they can be made suit most skippers.

The ideal weight to win, could be something like:

0-5 knot winds; anything

5-10 knots; under 60kg

10-15 knots; 55-75kg

15-20 knots; 65-85kg

20-25 knots; 75-95kg

PT records include the weights of top-ten skippers at each year's Nationals and Internationals, so if you're really keen you cold try and verify this theorem.

Boats on the other hand, have a minimum weight of 50kg, and over 60kg is a bit of a dud. Having match-raced light & heavy hulled PTs, they have same top speed but the heavy one just had no acceleration and would be left behind every gust.

But really, there can be only 1 winner and the rest of us sail because we love the experience. PTs are so light and responsive, it's a great feeling with the wind in one hand (mainsheet) and the water in the other (tiller), flying like a bird over the water with the boat responding to every movement of your body.

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Its a shame there isn't a skipper / hull combind weight say 140kg? Would make the older boats compettive and the larger skippers stay in the class. I would buy one tomorrow but i'm 100kg and unless its blowing 25knots I would just be cruseing around. No doubt having fun but certanly not winning races.



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100kg's isn't too heavy for a tiger.. I've sailed PT's for many years, and over that time have weighed from around 65kg's through to 95kg's.

Interestingly i have only finished in the top 10 at a nationals 1 time, and that was in Hobart when i weighed 95kg's.

Don't let your weight prevent you from sailing a tiger and having a blast! You certainly won't be the heaviest in the class.

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