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heres is the trailer for Fluid Drive, wiring is nearly finished, more painting and applications of rust preventative going to be done this weekend

List of completed work on trailer:

New tail lights

New marker lights

New carpet covers for supports

New safety chain

New wiring

New tiedown rings

All rust stripped down and repainted

Wheels cleaned

New mud flaps

Its nearly complete needs some more paint and cleaning, secure all the wiring and she's apples


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Gday all, sorry for the slow response, been working flat out and haven't had the chance to get on here. Now theburna my sail number is 927. I'm still in the rebuilding process, the completion date is 1st of Feb i hope. Reglassing the foils still, and getting rid of crazing in the hulls.

Will be repainted and fully cleaned up. I'm going to be sailing down in Port Phillip Bay Victoria.

Any questions i'll do my best help

Best wishes


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Ok i have a question, the rudders were beyond repair, i'm going to make a new set, the section i'm going to use is the NACA 0010. Is there any advantage with using a square ended foil in lieu of the rounded ends???

Should i change the length of the foils?

Any suggestions please


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