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Wallagoot Lake Boat Club Regatta March 12-13, 2011


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The Wallagoot Lake Boat Club invites you to their regatta, March 12-13, 2011. Secretary and Regatta organiser today confirmed; yes we'd love to see you there.

It's a perfect spot for 14' cats; course about 1km triangles on perfect flat water. Last few years it's been light to moderate winds, just enough to get the hull flying. :cool:

At the season opening race, 9th October 2010, we had 2 Paper Tigers, 2 Windrush sloop, a Nacra 5.0 and 2 Maricats (1 cat + 1 sloop). PTs led the field while the Maricats brought up the rear, and would no doubt appreciate a few tips from you guys!

In the last few regattas we've had 5 cats; A-Class, Nacra 14square, Hobie 17, Paper Tiger and Windrush. It'd be great if you guys joined in the contest, rather than having your own division. PT2901 "Tigerdelic" is undefeated in any race on this lake; welcoming you to challenge the tiger on home territory. :rolleyes:

More info at: http://www.thebegavalley.org.au/wlbc.html

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Good camping facilities at Hobart Beach, in Bournda National Park; http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/NationalParks/parkCamping.aspx?id=N0082

This is on the southern shore of the lake, opposite the club and about a 10minute drive.

Alternatively I work at Manna Park Hostel, about a 15 minute drive to the club. Beds from $25 and private rooms at $80. See: http://www.mannapark.com.au/

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