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Nacra 4.5


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OK, now I am in the Shed area.

This is a Nacra 4.5 that was built in 1995 with a pin-head flogged main, a jib that has never been off the furler and it looks like it was stored in a brickyard and moved around daily using bricks for gloves.

So far I have sanded the hulls back twice and polished too many times to remember. They are kind of shiny with much of the scratches taken out. At least they no longer rub chalk everywhere.

Getting the old stripes off the side was a very ordinary job, but worth it even though you can see where they were. This will slowly fade.

A new grey trampoline went on today and I was hoping to put the new Nacra livery on the hulls but it decided to rain so I gave up and put the boat back in the shed.

I have new stays and trap wires as well as a mylar main and new white jib so I hope that either during the week or next weekend I will get to finish off the up grade and actually rig it to see if it all comes together as it should.

I have not even looked at the rudders yet but if the rest of the boat was anything to go my, they will need a couple of hours of TLC as well.

BUT, by the time I am finished it realistically will be as good as a new one for half the cost and the knowing I worked hard on it to get it back on the water.


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I'm just about to start a new job, so i doubt that i'll get the time off!!!

I'll be up at Tinaroo, probably hide there from all those fast F18's down on the coast, plus the inter17s just laugh at me when I run into them.......

I am really going to try hard to see if I can get down for the 14' regatta, even if it doesn't fit. It sounds like a good place to learn some stuff.


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