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A class nationals


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The A class Nats at Lake Cootharaba apparently are meant to have a highly visibility is a Brisbane PR agency has been hired to keep the event in front of the media.

Does anyone know what race coverage is planned from next weekend and does it include any on water live tracking, video, live reporting or what?

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Very visible indeed. There's already a good thread going on SA and the main feeds will be provided by sail-world.com. Not quite correct that a PR company has been hired. Our major sponsor ORANGE POWER has kindly donated some initial publicity to go out to websites and I've done some newspaper stuff. Live tracking won't be done - no funding for that and not enough volunteers! Plenty of other stuff though as we get time between racing and having beers.

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73 competitors are listed for the A Class Nationals at Lake Cootharaba with the first races starting Monday

shore based images taken before todays invitation race are at:


images includes shot of (from left) team New Zealand-Americas cup sailor Dean Barker, Glenn Ashby and UK Olympic Torando champion Will Howden

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first dozen placegetters after race 1 and 2 .. Ashby fell foul in race 2 when he went overboard and broke his tiller but managed to get going again within about a minute

race 1

1 A1 G Ashby 1.0

2 4 S Brewin 2.0

3 888 D Bundock 3.0

4 308 A Landenberger 4.0

5 10 B Collett 5.0

6 N8 D Barker 6.0

7 G8 W Howden 7.0

8 902 S Anderson 8.0

9 900 W Mercer 9.0

10 865 S Scott 10.0

11 889 G Parker 11.0

12 898 C Cairns 12.0

race 2

1 308 A Landenberger 1.0

2 888 D Bundock 2.0

3 10 B Collett 3.0

4 N8 D Barker 4.0

5 902 S Anderson 5.0

6 G8 W Howden 6.0

7 889 G Parker 7.0

8 A1 G Ashby 8.0

9 898 C Cairns 9.0

10 20 C Batenburg 10.0

the top guns kept to the left hand side on the windward leg and were far off in the distance. Their downwind speed was also impressive.

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Ashby widens lead

Glenn took out both races today but there were ups and downs for other leading sailors

latest results here:


Sailcam. tv got a large amount of vision yesterday for a special program they will air in the future.. should be a good one to keep an eye out for.

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final day of A Nats

friday is the last day of the nationals with organisors having to re run thursdays two races washed out by torrential falls which hit SEQ

don't know whether there are 2 or 3 races to be run but with 15-20 knot SE's there will be action aplenty as the top contenders try their best to close the gap on Ashby.

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Three races today, first one at 10am Qld time .. Little wind at present but forecast from seabreeze says expect 15-20 by about midday , so the hope is the breeze kicks in sooner rather than later

Breeze in brisvegas is filling in with plenty of upper branch movement and as Cootharaba is close to the ocean the breeze may hopefully hit them sooner so they can have a blast for the final events.

Ashby needs one good score to take the nationals outright so boys and girls its not over yet!

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Glenn Ashby has claimed his latest Australian A Class nationals after winning todays sole heat which was able to be held as weather at the lake deteriorated.

The race started in 12-15 knots but sailors found themselves in variable 6 to 20 knots around the course.. All attempts to start the next heat met with failure as wind and rain squalls ripped through with up to 60 degree wind shifts. After lengthy delays organisors abandoned the last two heats.

Winds hit 31 knots soon after the abandonment call.

full results to be known later today

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