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Reefing a Hobie 16


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A have a Hobie 16, around 1993. I'd like to take out a couple of young nephews but I'd prefer to have less power to make it safer. I'm not an experienced sailor.

My main does not have reef points. Are there instructions on exactly where to put reef points and can you suggest a sailmaker in Sydney who can do it please ?

Thanks for any help.

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You can use the original ferrule by simply tying a 700mm length (the length between the reefing point and the downhaul) of spectra or dyema between the wire halyard end eyelet shackel and the sail head grommit, then you basicly have a halyard the same as a halyard fitted with a reefing ferrule and none of the other problems. Hobie 16 is very managable in over 20 knots with the reef in it. You use the amount of cunningham downhaul you need to flatten the sail out (bend the mast) for the wind conditions you are in, if you need to depower with the reef in use the downhaul first as much as with a full sail and then if you need to depower more move the travelcar out a car width at a time, the jib cars should already be out a little in heavy wind and a reef in to stop the jib counter rotating the mast and back winding the main, if you are still getting back wind move them out more,

Have a Hobie day!


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