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Wanted paper tiger


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I've recently heard of 3 top boats for sale:

"Whitelightening Bruce Rose's ex national champion boat 2918 is for sale. We have had it for 12 months and as we have had no water due to the drought we have decided to sell the boat. It is immaculate and still in the same condition as when we picked it up from Tasmania from Bruce. Boat can be delivered to the event below at no cost (Tassie Nationals).

Includes carbon fibre centreboards and rudders, Goodall sail, launching trolley and road trailer.

$7500 ono

call Ray Hale 03 50 372 344 or 0458 227 633. danwayluke@bigpond.com

Boat can be delivered anywhere.

Also available is a brand new Goodall sail not included in the above listed items. To be sold seperately at $800. Please pass the word around."

The boat the just won this year's Nationals, being sold by Trent Godfrey, not including the new Goodall sail that was used. Foam-core Fay hulls at min weight, carbon foils, all the good stuff. Rumoured at $15000 negotiable. Boat at Wheelers Hill, Melbourne. Can maybe get more info if you're interested.

"Allegro", older ply boat in immaculate condition, stored at Koonawarra Bay sailing club, Wollongong. Details and price unknown (maybe $4000?). Again I could make some enquiries if you're interested.


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Yes Allegro 2179 is for sale. it is located in Wollongong, asking $4,000. Fairly good Goodall Sail - 3 season's use, boyer rudders, good centreboards, close to weight boat, ply built with 2 pack paint. Good sturdy boat. 0413 006 760

Let me know if you're interested.

Dave Stumbles has a list of boats Nationally if you'd like to email him - ptcia@papertigercatamaran.org he can pass it on to you.


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The majority of boats at the Nationals were Fay built foam-core hulls, all close to minimum weight and the very few problems seen all related to leakage through various fittings. The hulls remain very strong and light. Dings were repaired with polyester resin mixed with "space balls" to form putty.

3 home-built ply boats finished in the top ten. My boat 2901 "Tigerdelic" possibly 18 years old, weighed in at 51.2kg, has cost me less than $3500 (including component upgrades) and was fastest boat there in some conditions. Generally the difference between boats was negligable, with newer sails performing better, and it really was upto the skipper to produce a good result.

2nd hand prices maybe reflect the urgency of each sale, or how much each skipper values their beloved boat.

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There is a considerable age difference in the hulls of White Lightning and WindBreaker which would account for the price difference.

Also it is difficult to get a PT up to speed so you will be paying something for the way the boat is set-up.

A lot of credit to Tony for getting himself and his boat up to speed in a short period of time, i can assure you that is not an easy task! If you want to be up the front it will definately save you headaches to buy a boat that is proven to be a front runner.

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You're too kind! After a season I'm still mucking around with stay lengths, mast rake and sail shape. Bruce was amazing; day before Nationals he touched up the bog-job on the centreboard cases, aligned the rudders and adjusted the stays. Bit of a trial in Invitation race, retired for further tuning, then left everyone behind in the next two races. After Race 4 he tweaked mast rake, and said after that he was happy to point as high as Bryan in the stronger conditions. Credit to the Champion.

Rumour that International Champ Marco would like to build another boat, and may be tempted with offers over $10,000 to part with the world's fastest PT "Mojo", which would be sold with brand new sail.

Bargain old foam-core PT 2128 "pelikinetic" may still be available, $900 in Canberra: http://cars.ebay.com.au/Catamaran-Paper-Tiger-2128-Pelikinetic_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQitemZ320600701032

This boat won Batemans Bay, Wallagoot Lake and Twofold Bay regattas, best race finish at 6th in PT Internationals.

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