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Koonawarra Bay 14ft Catamaran Regatta


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Hi all,

This is a reminder about the 2011 Koonawarra Bay 14ft Catamaran Regatta. This will be held on the 12th & 13th February 2011 and will be sailed on Lake Illawarra, just south of Wollongong, NSW. The venue is the Koonawarra Bay Sailing Club, located at the eastern end of Kanahooka Road, Kanahooka.

Camping is welcome at the club and there will be a meal on the Saturday night.

For further information about the regatta, you can download a flyer from the club's website at http://www.koonawarrabaysc.org.au/

The website also has details about how to get to the club and lists some local accommodation.

Please let others in your class & club know about this event.

This will be the 18th time the event has been held.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the event.

We hope to see you there.


David Stumbles

Koonawarra Bay Sailing Club

Phone: 0400 476 449

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PKSC 14' fleet will be there!

A great regatta, looking forward to it.

Hope to see some Maricat, Arrow, Hobie 14 and Nacra 430 sailors there also.

Lake Illawarra is truly one on the best open waterways to sail on in NSW, and the NEster at 18-20knts is a blast!

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dare I jinx us and say that Seabreeze is forcasting a Friday/Saturday southerly front? 20-25knts saturday and 20-30knts sunday!

BRING IT ON! It'll be nice to blow the cobwebs out of the trap harness in a good southerly buster! Anyone got a GPS that logs peak speed that I can 'borrow'?

I can see it now... 20knts on trap on a screaming reach (as Koonawarra are known for having), spray everywhere, not knowing where your going because you can't see and then the mother of all nosedives resulting in what could only be described as 'one hell of a theme park ride' as you 'fly' through the air only to crash land a few metres infront of the boat! O I CANNOT WAIT!

Here's to hoping it stays as forecast! Windrush domination I do believe the order of the day would be.


Windy S/S 6327

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I would love nothing more to insert profanities here in regards to my now unavailability to attend. Boat is prepped for paint but the painter has let me down so that's what I'll be spending my weekend doing. I suppose you can't rush perfection.

Michael - use your phone. Just grab one of those waterproof snap lock looking things from BCF or a Whitworths? They're specifically for phones any how.

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Sorry, bad luck - your loss!

Hey Rohan, sorry to hear you can't attend. I was kind of hoping our NSW Windrush agent would be where the Windrush and potential Windrush purchasers hang - at 14ft regattas!

Forget the boat for the weekend and come down and mix with the Windy guys - you may remember some of them from the 80's - they have been around that long.

Unfortunately - apart from my father and sons I have no relatives called 'Sanderson' my grandfather was an orphan.

Hope to see you on Saturday or Sunday - do you have any of those new Windrush decals like on Michael's boat?

Tony (Sando)

Groove Thing WR S/S 6346

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Sorry iOrion, got my wires crossed - thought you were Rohan - that is what happens to super sloop sailors, they sometimes get wires crossed!

Looks like I've started a vicious rumour.

Sorry you can't make it, and Rohan can!!



No worries, Tony! I was wondering where Rohan posted in this thread - didn't realise you were replying to my post.

That sucks Antony. I would try my phone (not overly accurate) but I fear losing my iPhone 4 (its worth more to me than a 1 off speed reading).

Tony, Orion is Antony who now owns the soon to not be grey Fade to Grey.

Rohan posts as Prince Planet.

These things happen. Better I get the work done now with the extra time I have than rushing it like I would have been - I have had an abundance of time to work on the hulls so I could get them back to their original "off the shelf" shape. It definitely won't be a grey Fade To Grey, nor a Fade To Grey at all - just at heart.

Doesn't your PFD have a pocket on the front of it, Michael? There's a guy at Mannering who takes his out, and wears it on a lanyard around his neck. I've noticed anyway.


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To Dave & the guys from KoBSC, thanks again for another good regatta. Without fail, it always has been and will continue to be a good regatta.

To everyone who stayed at home (except Marko, he had a good excuse & Rodney from wagga because he's attend basically every regatta this season which is ALOT of driving). Don't expect people to support your regattas if you dont support theirs (if you have a good excuse you can be excused from this rant). This is the longest running 14ft regatta, its the one that started all the 14ft regattas and to see so few boats when there are alot out there still racing was bloody disappointing.

Of the small fleet there was alot of top notch 14ft sailors so the competition was high but it would have been even better had people turned up.

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Thanks for the kind feedback, Michael. We were disappointed with the numbers too. It's hard to know what to do to attract more boats when everyone who attends seems to love it. They just don't always come back!

Anyway, the results of the regatta are shown below. We had another tremendously close event, despite the small fleet. Michael Pfeffer sailed very well on the Windrush Super Sloop to knock off Kim Marcovitch on the Paper Tiger by just one point. One point wins have been a common outcome at this regatta over the years.

Special mention to Tony and Amie Zahra on the Maricat Sloop, who also sailed very well and looked to be in a great position to challenge for the overall event when, on the last reach of the last race, a loud noise on the boat was identified as the back beam partly breaking away from the hull. They had to pull out, which meant carrying a DNF after a no-finish in the first race.

The breezes provided some variation in strength and some interesting and fun sailing. Hearing Michael and others "wahooing" their way down the reaches was fantastic.

Many thanks to all who attended. Some of these guys have barely missed a running of this regatta in its 18 years of being held. Your support is greatly appreciated. And thanks to those guys who gave up their sailing to run the racing all weekend and thanks to the other champions in the canteen. Great stuff!


Dave Stumbles

Koonawarra Bay SC


1. Rush (Windrush S/S) Michael Pfeffer (Mannering Park A.S.C.) 1-3-7-2-1, 7pts

2. Broken Wind (Paper Tiger) Kim Marcovitch (Mannering Park A.S.C.) 3-1-2-4-2, 8pts

3. Rapture (Paper Tiger) David Stumbles (Koonawarra Bay S.C.) 2-2-4-5-4, 12pts

4. People Eater (Paper Tiger) Neil Waterman (Koonawarra Bay S.C.) 4-4-3-3-5, 14pts

5. White Wave (Maricat Slp f) Tony Zahra (Port Kembla S.C.) DNF-5-1-1-DNF, 18pts

6. Hot Pepper (Windrush S/S) Warren Pfeffer (Mannering Park A.S.C.) 7-6-6-6-3, 21pts

7. Dipsi Danis (Paper Tiger) Steve Halliday (Mannering Park A.S.C.) 5-7-8-7-6, 25pts

8. Groove Thing (Windrush S/S) Tony Sanderson (Port Kembla S.C.) 6-9-10-8-7, 30pts

9. Yabby (Windrush S/S) Ross Fyfe (Port Kembla S.C.) DNC-8-5-DSQ-8, 32pts

10. Dubblupp (Windrush S/S) Rohan Pura (Kurnell C.C.) DSQ-10-9-9-9, 37pts

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