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Extreme 40


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Between now and Friday they are having a Celebrity Challenge consisting of runs between Manly and the Harbour Bridge.

Keep up to date with it here -


Promo video


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Do they mean a total "celebrity" 4 man crew?, or one invited "celebrity" to make up the numbers on each day?,with the same three or four sailors, similar to the original "challenge"

Are they going to have "corrected" times

for the possible wind strengths on each run.

As I see it ,there is only the one boat here.

Lucky guys.

pete biggrin.gif

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Should be something on Sports tonight on channel 10 @ 10.30pm

The VX40 took on 2 x Tornadoes (GER and Bundy crewing for Carolijn Brouwer) and 2 18 Skiffs, (Appliances Online and Rang and Famish)

Tornadeos smoke the 18s by a big margin as the VX40 did the T's. Talk was the Ts were twice as quick upwind than the 18s whilst also much quicker down. The VX40 could not sail slow enough for the other boats.

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