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Nacra 5.8


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Hello fello sailers, I have just purchased a second hand Nacra 5.8. which is in pretty good nick & has 6 excellent sails etc. but I could do with some advice with rigging this please? It took my husband & I all day Sat to work out how to stand the huge mast that came with this boat! We ended up rigging a boat winch to the mast hoder at the front of the trailer which works well but the whole rig is so heavy & very complicated. Ive done lots of sailing over the years - both multi hull & mono's but am struggling to work out the fine tuning of the 5.8. Do you know where I can access some technical help to rig this as I am reluctant to take to the water until I can rig it well without an audience!! I have downloaded the assembly instructions from Nacra site but they are not spacific enough. I brought the boat with the intention of introducing my 13 year old daughter to the magic of sailing but I think I will just sell on if I cannot find an easier way to rig this. I would love to have a sail of this before then though as it looks such fun & a real speed machine - scary as!! Can anyone help please?

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Don't sell her once you learn to rig her she will reward you. do what i did and put a winch at the front of your trailer and rig a system whereby you are not lifting the mast at all.

My son and i can rig her in under 40 mns now from start to finish including on and off the trailer with sails up infact i have the system set so as one person can raise and lower the mast on their own. i will post some photo's of my system after this weekend. also don't undo the stay wires leave them connected and the must reversed when you store it. the only thing we take off the boat at the end of the day is the bridle foil and centre boards.

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good idea to go and rig next to another, they are easil as to rig, my brother and myself rigged our old girl once from on the trailer to making the start of the race inside of 10 min. the 10 min gun went off as my brother pulled into the rigging area with boat on trailer. we did travel that boat with rudders attached. proberly main trick is to have back stays on longest setting, face down hill if possible, have mast at 90 dec so it hooks into ball, have one person at front with foot on mast base and use the trap wires to stand mast, other person hold mast up at the back and walk it forward.

cheers rev

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This is a topic covered often in many forums and one that will never go away. With some practice and knowledge you can raise a 5.8 or bigger mast solo, and it is hard to explain here but easy to show, but I will try.

I set up the boat on the grass or beach with the bow heading down a slight hill or down the beach. The rollers are then place right at the rear of the boat. As far back as possible.

The mast is layed along the boat with it balancing on both beams with the foot near the bows.

The side stays are attached along with the trap wires, but this is not a must, they can stay wrapped around the stays if this is how you pack up.

I then have a rope attached to the forestay and running through a shackle or ring on the bridal then layed back to the rear beam.

Next step is to move the mast base onto the ball. This needs practice to do alone, but can me managed. It is easier if you have your trailer nearby, or something to hold the top end of the mast. I use my trailer mast holder as I can, but I have used fences, trees and even a beach umbrella. Your car roof racks are great too.

The mast is now ready to be lifted and I start lifting where it is comfortable. That varies on how many beers I may have had the night before and how much strength I think I have.

I then walk to the stern of the boat with the mast at shoulder height. Once at the stern I rest it on my shoulder grab the rope that is attached to the forestay, as I am going to keep this reasonably tight as I walk the mast up the rest of the way.

The rollers now come into play. I use the axle as my first step up onto the boat. It is much easier that trying to lift the mast and take the big step onto the rear beam.

The mast is still at shoulder height and mainly I use my shoulder until I get onto the rear beam or tramp.

Once I am up there, I grab the mast with two hands and walk it up, with the forestay rope being transfered between hands as I keep walking it up.

Once I have it upright, I have the forestay almost in position due to the rope and if I keep this tight, the mast will stay up and I can jump off the front beam and shackle the forestay in place.

It is a rather quick process and takes a few practice sessions with some mates around in case you get into trouble, but it is worth it in the long run.

You can run the rope through any block with a cleat on the boat as well if you have one (jib block) and it will hold in position at any stage.

I can do it with most masts if set up right.

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