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Foam Windy now $3200.


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Thanks Darcy & Michael

One of my club members was going to buy it but was told by the factory / Brett that the foam boats started around # 1200. We had one with # 1198? I think and it was a bulkhead, so its cool that there is a few more foam boats out there. It can stay over there, we have all winter to find a foam boat over here. A old boat # 696 ,one of the one's they glassed the polystyrene foam into the hulls won the S/S states this year. So its not everything I guess as long as the hull walls are stiff. I to have had many windys of the three models It goes with the territory when building a club.



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Hi guys, yes the hull numbering is certainly a confusing one - I have 1189 & its a bulkhead boat - what was the factory doing ? were they experimenting with foam boats well before they came out officially? I know mine was a 1989 boat & according to Brett they stated foam boats in 1992 . Makes it hard following a system when the system has these annomolies doesn't it.


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