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Ao 4.4


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Hi All

I have bought a AO 4.4

I am Hoping someone could post a picture of an AO4.4's rigging

at both ends of the boom. I think I have worked out the downhaul.

No idea about the attachment of the mast spanner ( above boom height )

and not sure about the clip attached to the tack eye ( seemed to go over the

boom pin before slipping the boom on to the pin ?.)

don't think I got the clue end right either.

I haven't sailed for nearly 40 years.

all help appreciated.



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camera is out of action currently so will have to describe

my boom has the standard gooseneck and shackle connecting to the tack with the vang or downhaul to a small boom block hanger or if you are lucky having 180 degree swivelling cleats either side near the base of the mast.

There should be a track with car at the clew for the outhaul. underneath the boom should be a bail to connect your blocks to.

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Took this today because I'm not sure what thing are called and i don't know what is standard.

I am fairly sure I have the down haul right ( 4 pulleys on the sail and 3

on a block at the bottom of the mast and 180 degree swivelling cleats each side.

My problems are with

1) the sail tack clip.

2) the mast spanner and rope attached to it.

Thanks All help appreciated



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that is totally different to my setup..

I would suggest maybe you don't worry about the tack but let it hang there and use the downhaul only to get the right sail tension.

then you run a line from the spanner to the cleat on the boom to control mast rotation.

the bottom V cleat could be sail outhaul line..

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Are you sure your boom is on the right way up, it looks like that top swivelling cleat should hang down and do the main sail out haul and the bottom V cleat is all that is needed for rotation if it was on top. Can you post a pic of the whole boom?

I'm not sure what do do with the bottom of the sail but it can't flap, perhaps put some short shock cord from the grommit to the boom to pull it down, or a loose loop of rope around the mast that can slide up and down.

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looking at my own photo I think next time I should change the outhaul by slipping the boom through the short knot

loop of the gray rope, and use the red as a 1 :1 but actually acting in an out haul action rather than 2 :1 half down

and half out.

The pivoting cleat at the top front of the boom seems to be facing the wrong way to take the line from the mast rotator.

I will give the sail maker a call about the tack eye!




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Hard to help without looking at the whole thing. Is that the correct boom? Is that the correct sail? When you pull your downhaul on really hard and the mast bends over does the sail come down to the boom? If you pull the downhaul on just firm and pull the sail along the boom hard does it finish before that boom exit block? Are there any big holes drilled in the boom at a slope from front to rear? The end block you have tied the sail to is made so that you tie your rope to the end of the sail go through that end block inside the boom then the rope should exit out the boom downwards through the pivoting exit block. To do that you need a loop in that rear grommet to loosly hold the boom to the sail so the sail can slide along the boom. If it doesnt it is easy to do. If the pivoting exit block is really facing the wrong way its normally easy to remove the pin where it pivots and turn it around or just drill out the rivetts turn it and rerivett. You have enough fittings to make a good workable boom might need to rearange them. I would take the boat to your local club this Saturday morning and someone there will sort out your whole boat for free. You will really need to know the correct mast rake, sidestay tention, sidestay rivetts OK, beam bolts done up correctly etc. Then sail with them or give them a carton of beer and you have help for life. You can sail at any club under YSA twice before you need to join for public liability reasons.

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