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Old PT for sale - parts or whole Cat. Newcaste NSW


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Hi everyone,

Ive picked up a couple of cats and this one has to go to help fund the other.

It seems like quite an old PT not that i know much about cats. Its sail number 1285 i dont know if this is the boats original sail number or not. Its flat bottomed fibreglass over plywood, seems in pretty good cond. No delaminating as far as i can tell. Has a plywood trampoline which is only good as a pattern, if you wanted 1 the same. The rudders and jib both look ok. All the aluminium fittings look to be there, although not 100% sure. Ive partly put it together just dont know if its right or not. The mast is ok but has the fitting off the base of it missing, i think and not 100% sure if all the wire stays are there. Has 2 sails 1 Elvstrom and 1 Flower Adams, both made in sydney both look in good condition. Doesnt have any of the rope blocks with it and doesnt have a trailer. Any questions or photos you have dont hesitate to contact me.

I have no idea what the whole thing or any of the parts are worth so even if your not interested but can help with advice that would be much appreciated.



Newcastle NSW

Mob 0466 318951



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I checked this one out , its an Arrow but it is way past saveable. Someone grafted PT cross beams on to it with a ply " tramp ". Also had a PT sail. Nothing was of any value. No wonder the Arrow hulls died , with PT gear bolted to them . What a sad way to end up !

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