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Homemade Hobie Turbo


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Hi All, long time reader first time poster,

I've seen a few Hobie 14ft Cats which have jibs like the Turbo models, however these cats do not have dolphin strikers and the jib cleats are on the beam as with the 16ft cats, not in the tramp like Hobie Turbos? Is this an acceptable upgrade to a standard 14ft Hobie? Does the dolphin striker add strength to boat?

Cheers to all

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Thanks Darcy, however i am in WA so your a fair way away.

Cheers Anyway I'm just looking at the moment, I just finished fixing up an old Windy 14 so i have a boat. The Hobie has always been the dream though. I want to sail solo so anything bigger is probably a bit much. I want to end up with one of each, then my dad an i can race each other. lol


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