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h16 spi single handed


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can anyone tell me if it is possable to sail a h16 spi single i think not

to start with i dont think i could raise the mast or rig by myself and if i did all this any wind over 10 knots would be to much

a sailed this way at lake cootharabar with some success by once capsised there was no chance to right the boat due to me beeing 70kg

this question has come about because i have h16 spi and no crew and i have tried to become crew with catsailer site with no responce

is 70kg (actually 68kg) to heavy to by crew

the only boat that i have got a ride on is a mono 20ft elliot every wednesday at southport which i am ever greatfull

any opinion would be good

thanks brett:)

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I was the first in Australia to have a spi kit for a H16 back in 2004.

I weighted 78kgs and was able to hoist, sail, gybe & drop the kite by myself in wind upto about 15knts. Beyond 15knts and it was too much of a handful to sail.

There is a trick to getting on & off trapeze while sailing under kite by yourself but it is all possible. Though as you've worked out once you capsize, good luck getting it upright.

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