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Well Actually I can't say that Ryan had a better boat, He sailed really well and deserved to win the series. Well Done Ryan!!!

There was some great racing in all the divisions.

In the Super sloop (which is the division I sailed in) Helen who has only been sailing a couple of seasons did really well and learnt heaps by being around lots of fast boats.

I did have a couple of rig challenges like a broken back beam and a broken front bridal (The latter was a problem I created) it was interesting sailing a different boat, They perform about the same as our boats but feel a bit different, They are a little harder to turn but they seam to track a little nicer through the water. The sail as a LOT of power. and hold the power longer and is very sensitive to sheet tension.

I enjoyed it very much. we had 0-15 knots over the weekend. 6 races on a beautiful stretch of water with a bunch of friendly guys and gals.

The competion was very tight at times ( apart from Ryan) which made for some intense moments.

I look forward to a rematch.

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I thought the square top looked funky and the spiniker kit was very neat, much bigger than the spinker on the 430 and very well finished off. not sure what the new sail plan will do for the boat speed. time will tell. the transition between the old and the new is always difficult but change is inevatable.

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So what I know is: (I have asked Brett to put something official together for us out here given we seem to be the "forgotten" Association)

Mast section - Windrush have found a supplier and the mast won't change.

Jib - Slight redesign, no forestay hanks, battens have been tweaked and are now velcro fixing rather than the stickyback patch. The leech stickyback is now a wobble cut not straight. Cloth will be Flex 08 with X threads.

Main - An almost complete resign. Squarehead, panel cut, wobble cut leech stickyback & cloth will be Flex 08 with X Threads.

Brett advise there was no change to sail area for the main & jib.

So they are the "immediate" changes, given that Brett now considers them "Windrush Production" and under our rules "Windrush Production" is class legal.

The other thing is the introduction of a spinnaker kit. This is not automatically class legal as our rules do not currently allow it.

I have my views and whilst I like the idea of the Squaretop main, I'm not so sure on the kite. I also think going away from "Windrush Production" sails needs to be examined given that a Jib frieghted to NSW is just over $700, when Barracuda can make it for sub $500. It will be a similar story with the mains.

Anyway here are some photos Ryan Duffield put on Facebook.




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The members of the "forgotten Association " were advised of the sail upgrade probably about 2 hours or less (via facebook) after the West Aus assoc was when I chose to display them at their AGM during the state titles where there were 29 boats represented and a good 40 odd people present. Really great to feel how positive allmost everyone was. Interesting when we delved into the Mylar sails , now in production since 1992 (20 years) that there hasnt been a price rise on the mainsails since Aug 2007 and on the jibs since Dec 2008. Info on the sails has been fwd'd to the NSW main sales centre - Rohan at Lift king.

I will try to post the Upgrade sail doc on here when I am at work tomorrow.

This upgrade is not meant to be a performance upgrade, just a face lift for an aging sail plan and a response to the lack of availability of some of the materials used to date , thus the retention of the current sail area, a cloth with improved mateial stablity has been chosen and the price of the sails will still remain the same for another 2 years, that will make 7 years with no retail price rises.Let me know who is the contacts for the NSW association and I can fwd to them also for inclusion in any newsletters. So far we have about 6 or 7 people wanting to get a sail from the first batch so i am looking to get an indication of how many I need to order.

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Brett, I'm the only one that uses Facebook, hence i asked for something official because i had to compile the above information from about 3 different posts on 3 different peoples timelines over 2 days, so saying that the NSW Association found out 2hrs after WA is a fair stretch of the truth.

The contact is Warren Pfeffer, warren.pfeffer(a)gmail.com

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2012 Windrush 14 Production sail changes.

2012 has marked the 20th anniversary of the mylar sails on Windrush 14.

Windrush Yachts have taken the initiative to modernise the mylar sail plan with the now popular and common square top sail.

The jib with its full battens has had only minor detail changes. The luff tape detail changing to be a continuation of the sail material and removal of the hanks formerly inside the zipped on luff tape. Batten angles have also rotated slightly to make them look less droopy now the mast rake has settled into a fairly std angle and battens are now fixed in with Velcro for easier removal and changes .

The main and jib are to be made from : DP Flex08 , a mylar which has a slightly higher weight per square metre than the previous material and includes fibres in the +-45 deg angle to improve the cloth stability.

Main sail battens have been spaced out more evenly and the number reduced to 6 in total.

Colours are now standard with all mains and jibs being framed in black Sticky back and with “wobble “used on the leech to reduce hard points at the edge of the tape and white batten pockets across both main and jib.

Prices will remain the same as the past years with no changes to the retail price of the mainsails since Aug 2007 and jibs since Dec 2008 !! Windrush Yachts have absorbed several price rises in the last years and the new design has allowed us to continue to sell the sails at a very reasonable cost. Batten sets too remain the same.

Windrush Yachts have also developed an asymmetrical spinnaker kit which is available as a complete package including all ropes, Harken hardware, Alloy pole, fibreglass chute mouth, Chicopee chute bag, spectra halyard, retriever and tack lines. The complete kit, ready to go including assembly instruction will retail for $1990. This will make a super fun upgrade to recreational boats and if the association decides there is a way to utilise them in racing then that would add another dimension to the sailing.




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Hi Brett

Thanks for showing us the new sail plan at the states, Some of the guys here in Dongara including myself want to know is there any chance of adding a bit of colour into the new sail plan. We would be happy to pay extra for coloured tape on the new sails as an option.



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Hi Quin, I have also asked Brett if its possible to get window panels fitted to these new sails (ie if the material & cut was compatible) , and the answer i have had is Yes, but he hasn't got a price for me yet. Used to love my old dacrons which had the window panels - never hit anyone then ! It was OK when I sailed Sloop with crew as it was their job to duck down to look. I'm sure a few other Oldies will take up the option if offered.

Rgds Roger

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Got the reply back from the sailmaker about the windows and they will be $50 for the main and $50 for the jib Inc GST.

The coloured stripes on the 6 batten pockets will be available as an add on, the basic sail will be the opaque white film with the black edges and white pockets, the cost of the sticki back strioes on the pockets is $70 suplied for you to fit and $150 fitted onto the sail by the sailmaker.

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