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Nacra 16sq Mast Rake


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When we measure our rake we use our trap wire.

you will need a short (approx 1-1.5m) length of cord.

unclip the Trap from the tramp and pull towards the front chain plate.

put the cord through the hook eye and extend the length of the wire so that you can measure the length to the chain plate pin (the bottom one that attaches to the hull)

Then take the wire to the back of the boat. see where it ends up at the back. We sail with it anywhere between the back of the back beam and the rear hatch.

We adjust it depending on wind strength and personal preference. (the stroger the wind the further back)

I hope that makes sense.


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The way that Mark has discribed it is how most people measure the mast rake on Nacra's

We checked a few of the boats on the Saturday during the QLD State Tiltes, most of the setups were just behind the back beam, a couple were between the back beam and the deck hatch (this is where I run mine) and 2 were just infront of the back beam.

The 16sq tuning guide that is on Gosses site is a very good starting point for most boats, it was mostly written by Scotty a few years ago and suits heavier crew weights best, there a few tips within it for the lighter crew weights.

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Thanks Men for your help.

Great information.

Sailed on Saturday but conditions were so light couldn't really test. I am still 30cm forward of my back beam with quit a bit of weather helm. Will play around with the info i received thanks again

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