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Sail 3110

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Hello Chaps

I have a Windy 14 Sail number 3110. I have looked in the hulls to see if it is a bulk head boat, but can't see any wood in there at all. Brett from Windrush says it was built around 1981? What would i call this boat? Obviously its not a 'Foam Sandwich' and its not a 'Bulkhead Boat'? Just wondering the correct term for a boat of this age. Also a side issue, can this boat be raced competively? I have done a fair bit of work and spent some dollars, (Windys seem to soak up money very easily) Just wondering...



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I'd say its a MkI or MkII. Do you know how much it weighs?

I ask about the weight because it wasn't really until the MkIII bulkheads that weight control was introduced into production. The min. platform weight is 77.5Kg and prior to MkIII boats came out at all sorts of weights, I've personally seen MkI & MkII platforms at close to 100kg (they've put on a few Kg's over the years which doesn't help). With the right person I'd say you could competitively race one up to around 85kg.

Is it a multi colour dacron sail or a plain white dacron? I ask because a white dacron is likely a racing cut and these can still be competitive in the right hands (Rob Thompson as an example). But really the newer Mylar sails provide more power and are better across the whole wind range.

It also depends on what you want to do with it. The WA Association had a "Classic" division at their states over easter for exactly this age of boat and they have a few boats enter too.

All good fun still, it doesn't really matter what you sail, the beers and company once you're off the water is always alot of fun.



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I agree its the sailing thats fun. I have sailed 12ft Windys for years and found this one cheap. It needed a bit of work but after a few sails it feels great. It has the original multi coloured sail in a bag, but it has a white racing sail and jib combo and bright orange hulls. I have joined Jervoice Bay Sailing Club so next season will be my first. Looking forward to it, if things look good then i'll be looking for a 'Foamy'.

Cheers see ya out on the water.

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