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Registering a trailer (NSW)


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Often second hand cats are sold with unregistered trailers, it's seen all the time in the for sale section here and also on ebay etc. Seems that the heyday of small cats particularly was back in the 80's and when interest was lost then the registration lapsed too.

The Maricat (4.3) that I bought recently was certainly in this bracket. It has a NSW Maricat Association sticker for 1984. It was sold to me on a serviceable but unregistered trailer which did actually have a vin number stamped on it.

So, I just had it registered. These are the steps and costs incurred:

1. Weighbridge ticket - take everything off (cat, mast supports etc) - cost $18 (Warnervale weighbridge) weight 100kgs.

2. Take the trailer to a mechanic that does blue slips. In my case I had wire brushed most of the surface rust off the axle and given it a liberal spray of fish oil. I left with a list of things to do:

3. Reflectors - red, white and orange to stick on the frame (back, front and middle). Lights working ok.

4. Tyres. If the trailer is unregistered then it's likely to have been for a long time. Mine had the alloy Velox type wheels with the bearings inside the hub, the tyres were clearly from the 80's ! They had cracks everywhere although the tread was fine (albeit with cracks). Cost of two new tyres $140 including new inner tubes. These wheels were 4.5 x 10. I had used an amonia based filler to make sure that the tyres kept inflated when I towed the cat home - tyre places don't like this (health and safety) so before you take the wheels in let all the air out and I'd also then reinflate and deflate a few times. Last cat I had had the 8" velox wheels which the tyre place had to do by hand because it didn't fit into the tyre machine, thankfully the 10" ones did so it didn't take long.

5. Blue slip was $55

6. Registration was $99. The receipt hadn't shown the vin number that was already stamped on the trailer so the lady at the RTA let me add it onto the receipt along with an estimate of the value of the trailer (I put $100).

7. When I took the wheels off I regreased the bearings which didn't seem to be in too bad shape. I did buy a new set of marine seals (Repco - $15 for the pair).

So all in all $327 - quite a significant proportion of the total 'investment' in the cat in the first place but all nice and legal now and with tyres that are not likely to go pop for a while.


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