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" Brass Monkey" Regatta name ripped off

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Darcy, I agree it's a bit "off" having a regatta by the same name on the same weekend. But the Brass Monkey used to be the Long Jetty clubs regatta which Toukley picked up after its collapse and its also not a come one come all regatta.

The NOR states:


a All competitors shall comply with ISAF Eligibility Code, RRS

Regulation 21, and must be financial members of their respective

class associations

b Eligible Classes are:

OKs, Impulse, A Class Cats, Moths, Flying 11s, Tasars & 29ers.

I'd suggest a polite phone call to either of the two people below that are listed as the organising committee:

Tony Outteridge 49752585

Sandra O’Donnell 0418488554

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sadly it's a common term, at Draycote Water (UK) in the 70's we used to have a BM - was always Boxing Day and you really did have to scrape the ice off the decks to sail. Some inventive soul actually made a mould and each year there was a brass monkey for the winners.

bit rough being so close though.

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Gees what are the A class going to do while waiting for the rest of the fleets to finish, or do they have a 20km course to sail while the rest sail 1km. It is like having a Bathurst with Formula 1s and Vangard Spacemasters and Standards as the only cars elegible to race. Maybe the As just dont want to race anywhere near Maricats though, apparantly when A class hit maris the A class comes off worse.

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