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Cat Sailing in Adelaide

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Not sure about mixed fleet but best bet would be Adelaide sailing Club at West beach near Glenelg if you want near the CBD. I'm not a member but I think they have H16, F16s, some 18s and a few others. Somerton Park have some cats as well a little further down the coast. I sail at Christies SC (40 mins South CBD) and in the summer and we have a 16sq and 2 Mossie regulars that race with the mono hull fleet.

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G'day bucketman you've got heaps of choice, I visit Adelaide and surrounds to sail a fair bit, the guys at Adelaide sailing club are very welcoming, the Mozzys seem to have gone to Somerton and do a lot of fleet racing, Milang is every 3rd Sunday of the month (I drive 500km round trip to do that), Meningie has fired up and is also doing 2nd Sunday of the month (I do the 300km round trip for that), Normanville is 3rd Sunday as well. There is some great social mid distance racing to be had alot of clubs have got into it. There is Goolwa-Meningie 70km, Goolwa-Milang 40km, opposite direction Milang-Goolwa 40km another weekend, Kingston where I'm based has Lobster regatta Feb and our 3 x 25km lap Earthmovers distance race in late March or April. Rivoli Bay at Southend has a very social regatta weekend in October and allow camping at the club as do Milang, Kingston and Meningie. It doesn't matter what you sail as all these clubs will welcome you but do you want to tell us?

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At the moment I've been rail meat on a j24 for the winter series with Cruising Yacht Club of Adelaide but my roster has changed and Ill miss the last races.

There is a couple of mozzies cheap here at the moment but the only day I'll get off is Sunday and most clubs sail Saturdays here but I will check those clubs you mentioned.

Pm me your mobile number and i'll catch up with you this week

Thanks Graham

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G'day Graham I've sent the number to you, I didn't realize you meant winter sailing, that is only Adelaide Sailing Club until October. If you get a Mozzy try to keep sailing mixed fleet with the rest of us as you've got a very competative handicap and it seems a shame that theres so many boats out there that we don't get to sail with anymore. I sail all the major races in SA and support most clubs and only see about 4 different Mozzys in a year as most of them do fleet and have organised their own last minute regattas when other established regattas are on.

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The lack of results and race times unless you drink in the bar after the race is a good reason not to yardstick race in SA. Only three clubs in SA put the results and race times online. within a week of the race, Adelaide Sailing Club, Milang regatta Club and Victor Harbour Yacht club. Fleet racing gives instant results plus no yardstick bitching.

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Good to hear from you Darryn, don’t worry about him bucketman, Darryn's one of the 4 Mozzys that sail with other cats if it wasn’t for him I would be begging you to buy a different cat. I’m not pushing any cats or clubs just want lots of cats on the start line wherever I go.

Sunday Sailing 2012-2013

These are dates that are confirmed so far I would assume that Normanville are still going with 3rd Sunday of the month so you can decide between Normanville or Milang, really one of those clubs should change to a different Sunday.

Kingston SE hasn’t set it’s dates yet and I’m no longer a member of that club but you can assume a Saturday-Sunday in February for the Lobster regatta and a Saturday in March or April for the Earthmovers distance race.

August 4th Adelaide Sailing Club

Sept 29th and 30th Milang Sailing Club opening regatta

October 7th Adelaide Sailing Club

October 14th Rivoli Bay Sailing Club

November 3rd and 4th Rivoli Bay Sailing Club SA Vs Vics cat challenge Regatta

November 11th Meningie Sailing Club

November 17th Goolwa to Meningie (Saturday)

November 18th Milang Sailing Club

November 25th Rivoli Bay Sailing Club

December 9th Rivoli Bay Sailing Club

December 9th Meningie Sailing Club

December 16th Milang Sailing Club

January 13th Meningie Sailing Club

January 20th Milang Sailing Club

January 20th Rivoli Bay Sailing Club

February 10th Meningie Sailing Club

February17th Milang Sailing Club

March 10th Meningie Sailing Club

March 17th Milang Sailing Club

March 17th Rivoli Bay Sailing Club

March 31st Milang Easter regatta Goolwa to Milang race

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G'day Bucketman bit of a change to the above list, Milang's not racing that opening weekend just sailing, Barmera have their opening regatta on the 29th and 30th of September and I'll be going to that , it's the Queens birthday long weekend so you could sail on the Monday if you have any extra time off. Bring that new boat and give me a look at it

Sorry fastenergy I meant Wyvanhoe but I'm not up to speed on Brisbane or Mozzys, Qld is Nacra country and they will happily sail with you

regards Jeff

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hi we sail cats at wallaroo sailing club there are 2 windrush's that sail every sunday and a tipan that sails from time to time we start with the mixed dinghy class 5 mins after the tasar fleet which is fun to catch. its 1.5 hrs from adelaide and has a drive on beach where boats are easy to rig and launch

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