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rigging tips for hobie 14

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hi all,

i am currently in the process of refurbishing a h14. I would like some guidance on a couple of questions

i am looking at putting on triple blocks to my mainsheet

what brand and size blocks is recommended?

i am looking at updating my cunningham

what would i require to do this?

i am replacing my shrouds so any tips on mast rake? shroud lengths?

am chasing a set of rudders in good nick too



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There' some diagrams and tips in the Hobie 14 manual (2Mb):


Also check out the Hobie sailing catalog (17Mb): http://www.hobiecat.com.au/pdf/sailing/HobieSailParts.pdf

The recommended boom block is a Harken 2640 (triple 40mm) $117 : http://catsailor.net/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=36_54_66&product_id=129

The recommended traveler block is a Harken H194, but I think these are no longer made and the go is a Harken 2630 (57 mm Triple Carbo Ratchamatic w/Cam, Becket) $307 :http://catsailor.net/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=36_54_68&product_id=112

The catalogs show a pathetic 2:1 downhaul on the H14, but check p.29 of the Hobie sailing catalog, where a "powerpack" for H16 is listed.

It seems to suggest a H228 (micro triple) $43 on the boom,


and H231 (micro triple with becket & cam-cleat) $96 at the mast base.


These could be mounted on swivel shackles so they rotate towards you, and you can operate them from either side of the boat.

You could instead rig the downhaul like we do on Paper Tiger cats, with a swivel cleat each side of the mast (Riley PYF102 $45 x2=$90) , a 2:1 at the mast base (Harken226 $30) and 3:1 at the boom (Harken228 $43):


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