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Windrush 14 Price Cut for NSW / Sydney Buyers - HURRY!

Prince Planet

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Hey guys - a bit bit of shameless promotion here...

If any1's hankering for a new Windy, I've persuaded Brett (Windrush Yachts) to bring one over with him when he attends the F18 Nationals at Mannering Park. That saves you over $800 in delivery to Sydney.

As the dealer for NSW, I'll be cutting my usual commission in half - and likewise the trailer will be discounted too – saving a new owner $1700.00 - see the Hero Hoists website for the full picture...

The price is for the Super Sloop - with jib & trapeze...

The trailer will be the maintenance-free 'springless' design by •M• Trailers - and the package deal includes beach wheels... you'll find the price on the splash page of our site...


Here's the catch - you MUST order and pay 60% deposit by 3rd January. Pick-up must be here in Sydney.

You'll nevvah step onto a new Windy at a better price... guaranteed!


For the first 3 orders, I'll be throwing in the pin-striping and trapeze grip... and as an added bonus, the name of your new boat will be professionally graphic-designed at no charge - to be applied as a sticker... what more could any1 ask? ;)


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