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older Aclass for sale BOYER


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gday, ive got too many boats and need to clear the shed out

i have 2 boyer A class boats 1 x plywood mk2, and a foam mk3/4, non cantered hulls.

i dont need both, but im not worried which one i keep.

both are fully rigged and ready to go..... all you have to do is decide how much you want to spend and we can sort out a package.

basically there is 2 of everything, one a little bit dearer than the other..

one carbon mast 9.0m, there is 2 sails that fit this, one 2010 landy big top, one original dacron goodall square top ( about 450mm) both with foam battens

, one superwing alloy mast, 9.6m. this has two older pin style mains, both goodall, one flatter than the other. both dacron

the better of the trailers is a custom made galv trailer, with sailbox , the other is a home made steel trailer with sailbox

two sets of rollers, one red plastic wheels, the other inflatable euro style wheels.

1 x brand new mainsheet system 40mm harken 8:1, the other is an older 8:1 system

both have boyer rudders and centreboards, the newer boat has lock down rod system, the older boat has a spare set of ply rudders and centreboards as well as the glass ones

packages can be done from $1000 to $4000

in adelaide.


Brian Partridge 0488376497

picture 1&2 show the later boat with all the latest gear, carbon mast and landy sail etc etc, the other three are the mk2 with alloy mast and older goodall sail

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That better not be my old boat, but I'm pretty sure it is.:mad: Was sold to Carl (sorry can't remember his last name, the caretaker at the time) in 2001 just before I moved to NZ, I should have taken it with me it was litteraly worth 10 times as much over there.

Foam sandwich Mk III.

Extra Long Ali Mast (very powerfull but don't expect to right the boat on your own if you're less than 90kg)

Dacron Cairns main, Big head for its time but quite small now.

Kelvar foils (cut myself on the rudder trailing edges multiple times)

of course in 11 years any or all of this could have changed.

If you check the trailer (or pile of rust below the boat, as it was marginal 11 years ago) it probably has an LA olympics parking permit sticker on it.

I'll see if I can dig up some photos.

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G'day CTMD,

yep that's the one.

Carl sold it to a young guy, it was the club champ boat, then he sold to another guy and it hasn't moved much for a while, trailer is kinda hanging in there

[like Carl] -

certainly a nice boat still

small world 'tis it not?

ergo bibamus (L.), therefore let us drink!


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Great idea but 4000km is a bloody long way to travel to celebrate the "launch" of a 20 year old boat.

If I had drinks every time one of my old boats went sailing I'd be permanently drunk (but have a lot of frequent flyer points).

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