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Hi all,

First timer to catsailor.net....What a great site!

I'm looking for any info that can help me restore my Sundance 16. It was given to me by a mate so I have no idea of age or model etc. My problem is I had a little mishap and it sort of folded in half. I'm looking to maybe track down some spare parts and try and replace my damaged bits (2 beams and a hull). The front and middle beams are bent and or cracked. The rudder is a little twisted and the rear right side hull has a couple of issues, the top section has come away from the bottom bit and also torn away from itself, only at the back though.

I would dearly like to fix it because when it was working as a cat it seemed to rip through the water and it would be a great cat for the family to spend time on and learn to sail.

All and any help will be muchly appreciated.

Cheers Windy Jindy

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Sorry to be the party pooper..!

Do yourself a favour ,,,cut it up and take it to the dump , the repairs you talk of are not economically viable on that boat .Probly why you were given the boat in the first place???

Buy a boat which is going ,

Ps. I too have a sundance 4.3 in the backyard which has had the port bow snap completly off in front of the front beam..They are not built very well...

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Thanks for your sediments Village Idiot,

I must say that the only reason it folded in half was that it was almost turtled in the middle of the lake and after 3hrs of trying to rite it with no luck we had no choice but to tow it back to the shore with a wake boarding boat with an impatiant skipper. "and she gave it all she had scotty".

My mate gave it to me because he could not use it anymore and was hoping it would go to a good home. I should have changed all those old stiff ropes before I started and then it would still be on the water today. I would still like to do it up for the family but maybe an already sailable cat would be the go . Any surgestions on brands and reasons why.


Windy Jindy

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G'day Windy,

Don't look too hard mate, there are alot out there, if you go into the coffee shop part of the forum, i've started a "which Boat" thread.

To save you some hassle try Hobie






If your after a family boat, the hobie getaway is a tidy set up with the wings that keep you up a bit higher, not nessecarily drier, but higher. the other i like was the Nacra 570, but the 4.5 is possibly better as the family can go too, like the hobie getaway. both have eskies built ino the hulls apparently, very much designed for the "cruiser type" or social boat. The oher was the caper cat, the one which Jesse Martin+brother and father sailed from Daintree to the tip of Cape York, but they dont make them anymore.

How much were you looking to spend?

I was looking about 20-25k for what i wanted to do, but the goal post keep moving!!

Hope i've been some help,


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