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Maricat 4.3 m mast rake

Malcolm 2115

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Hi i have a maricat 4.3 m which i have rigged super slooped .

I was after some advise as to the best position for the mast i.e the mast rake ree the back beam .

I have been told everything from having the mast 100 to 200 mm past the back beam to the same in front of it .

I am a hevere guy 85 kg so advise would be much apperciated.

Regards Malcolm -Eagle Eye 2877

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I carefully set mine to the settings indicated in the tuning guide (at the top of the Maricat subject list and on the Maricat NSW website) to 150mm in front of the rear beam.

Didn't make too much difference, I still have trouble tacking but more importantly I don't go down the mine too many times (thats what the rake helps with). You are meant to go upwind better but I've not noticed much improvement but then I'm still struggling to master the finer points of Maricat sailing (cat rigged that is, I don't do sloop).

I redrilled the rudder too so that the bottom of the blade (at the front) is in front of the line from the pintle pin down. There are various thoughts about how much this should be but I think it depends a lot on how the cat is set up, Mick's foamy for example has more than mine but I still get the rudders going off on their own which isn't a good idea, you need a bit of weather helm.

My shrouds are in multi pin holders (can't remember what they're called) and are about 30-40mm above the plates.

If you set the rig like this and have an old sail then you'll not be able to get the leach tension. Get a new clew ring sewn in by a sailmaker about 4" above the current clew. My bloke just did this, didn't cut the sail off or anything and I just bunch both clews in together (until I bought a new sail). The new design (on a pdf on the Maricat website) is the correct one for the raked mast.


Oh yes, 85kgs isn't heavy for a Mari. Some of the top drivers are well over that. Darcy is about 90 and is just as competitive as I am with my 68kg. One thing that he can do that I can't seem to get is tacking in breeze, he just sits at the back on the leeward side and the cat just comes around onto the new tack.

For cat 'roll tacking' there is a Hobie University pdf that covers it, it's also mentioned somewhere here too.

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Heavy at 85kg, come on, Mick has been dieting and riding his bike to get to 85, I'm still at 93kg and haven't moved up or down since I came back from that damn cruise that my missus thought was a good idea. I think Warren is heavier than me as well. 85 seems to be an about ideal weight for a Mari.


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