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New thinking on Timber Hull Prep ?


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With timber hulls. What are members thoughts on back to bare bare ply Sanding v's paint striper?

In the good old days I remember sanding for what seemed weeks but the old acid stripers were quick but made a hell of a mess and if I didnt clean up all what was left of the paint off it set like rock.

As Ive been away for 15-20yrs whats the Newage thinking.....Other than buying foam/glass hull's??

Thanks in advance.....:rolleyes:



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If the paint is thick and in layers go for stripping/ heat gun the danger with sanding is tearing into the veneers and gouging out dips and depressions you have to fill in later .Just don't use an angle grinder or a sanding disc, don't ask me how i know!

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Thanks guys.

Its done now but I started off using the heat gun and the top coats just went like tar and couldnt move it at all.

Then went to stripper , but the layers of paint were so bad that it was very patchy ie in some places didnt hardy move top coats and in other took all the paint off down to the ply.....And yes I did make sure the stipper was layed on even i.e about 2mm thick.....So I went the water pressure washer to take it off in layers but of course was a rough way of getting said paint off!.......Had to do a lot of filling on one side of the hull, but the other side I just sanded it all down so its ready for undercoat right now....si I had better get off my arse and go out to the shed!

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There's no an easy way to do the job .. you just have to try different things and have patience. I lost patience, whjen i found i have seven or eight coats on my old QB and got out the 9 inch grinder and tore into it... and then spent lots and lots of time and bog filling gouges etc.

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