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Victor Harbor Rum Race

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Went down the the Victor Harbor Rum Race today, didn't race but wish I had! Condititions seemd great, averaging 15-20knots (at a guess) and lots of catamarans out on the water, picked myself up a nice set of beach wheels too (Cheers Jeff). A few photos, race ones are taken from the lookout at Port Elliot.

On another note, I think I may have left my toolbox, with all my tools on the side of the road next to the club on Bridge Tce, did anyone pick it up?

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Was great to meet you and your crew Robbie, if you love those conditions we’re gonna have a heap of fun There was a strong swell and chop combined with a solid cold 14 to 22kt wind. Hardest leg was the close reach from the start line half jumping into the next wave and getting slapped by the waves, number of cats pulled out on that leg, the 18ft skiffs got tired of righting the boats took their mains of and sailed back with jib only. The first rounding around Granite Island was pretty dramatic reaching around and trying to slow down enough to get in. When we got back there was a Sharpie wallowing around upside down and other broken boats.

Here's a link to my youtube video of the race


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Ah Awesome, I saw the camera on your boat and hoped you'd get a video up. Seems like maybe it was a little rougher on the water than on the shore at the club. I caught up with John Ahern and his H16 before the race, he actually asked if I wanted to come out as his crew as he was going to go 1 up but it was looking a bit too rough, I wish I had the time, had to regretfully decline his offer and get going. Maybe next year I'll make it down with the Calypso! Keep us updated with anything going on at Milang...Calendar anywhere?

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Yep that's right, the problem was I had been in irons and the waves kept knocking me back on port , the Hobie had waited for me but instead of ducking me he tried to sneak across my bows when I had no steerage so even though I was going slowly the impact was solid. I knew we were going to hit well before impact, he knew he stuffed up, 1st rule is avoid a collision then worry about starboard no words were said. Poor seamanship by both boats I did my circle and was last boat to cross the start line.

Here's a couple of screen shots of a wave jump and landing



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