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Rivet replacement


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Hello all,

One of the rivets has pulled which holds a connector for the forward wire stay. There are two rivets holding the plate and one has half pulled so the mast hasn't come down on me yet :) but I figure best to replace that. I have not worked on catamarans before and wasn't sure what type of rivet I should buy to replace it.



PS here is a boring video of sailing the hydra at Wivenhoe if anyone is interested :)

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If the rivet has failed maybe look at drilling them both out and putting a stainless steel bolt all the way through.

Otherwise 3/16" Monel rivets are a bit of a standard. They're hard to squeeze; might need a scissor-action industrial rivet gun.

To reduce corrosion between dissimilar metals, coat the parts in silicone or urethane (Sikaflex) before assembly.

Good luck!

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