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Australia Day Sailing (large pictures)


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We took to our beloved lake on Australia Day,

Lake Tinaroo FNQ


We went up there, mobiles running hot before we left as it was hammering with Rain (Monsoonal Style) in Cairns, decided to have a look anyway (100klm drive one way!!). Then it was drizzling at the Lake when we got there. You could imagine the disappointment!!

As we were sitting by the Lake at the sailing club, Pondering alternatives when Alex showed up with the 5.8 on the trailer. He looked as dismal as we were, all sitting there watching the rain water run off the roof without gutters. A break in the weather came through, Alex who owns the Nacra 5.8 was keen as he doesn't get out too much. I had wet weather gear so the decision was made to get the 5.8 off the trailer!! To our suprise Devon dragged his Inter 17 down from the compound and started to hoist his sails as we got the 5.8 set up.

It was great, there were no ski boats on the lake, no jet skis, just a couple of keen Barra men in thier little tinnys. It was probably one of the best Australia days I've had for a long time.

If you look up the valley behind Alex's thumb, you'll see the maze we sailed through





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