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Windrush sailing Denmark

George II

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Nice vid and great looking cats. I'd love to pick your brain about using a GoPro so here goes:

 - What program do you use for editing?

 - Do you use a polarised lens?

 - How do you mount the GoPro to the front of your hulls?


Cheers in advance, Matt

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     just used the Gopro  Studio for editing (its a free download from the gopro site)

   No didn't use any filters but did enhance a few of the pics during the editing (ie increasing the exposure etc )

    Just used the gopro flat stick on mounts onto the front of the hulls on a flat bit . wiped down with acetone first . But always have a safety lanyard on as well - A loop of braid fishing line forward to the bow saddles .

    The other shots were from my sons chest harness they really show a lot of the boat esp when out on the trap .

   Working on a few other mount positions . think one in the centre of the bridle will look great , and from the end of the boom looking forward is also a good view.

   All good fun . Shows you can still have a lot of fun on a 14' cat .

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