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G'Day & do I need a beach trolley?


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Found this website last week & its been great having a look through the threads!.

I bought a Maricat 4.3 Mk1 last week, needs a little tidy up & a few of the lines replaced. Also needs new cringles in the jib & main (can these be done DIY?), also some stitching has come away on the foot of the jib that I would like to repair.


I read with interest that a Maricat sailing comp' was held at Queens Lake NSW last year, this is where I intending to mainly sail it, will another regatta be held there this year?


I had intended to launch the boat from the road trailer & hadn't even thought about a beach trolley, but a beach trolley makes fantastic sense & I could knock one up, do I need one or will pushing it off the back of the road trailer onto the sand & dragging it to the water be doable?

Should I start sailing Cat rigged (is that mainsail only?)?


Great to read there are a few Maricats at the QLSC, I have been intending to go there on sat' mornings for quite some time but been busy with work. I have a small yacht moored on the river....the plan is to introduce our young kids (nearly 5 yr olds) to sailing on the lake hoping they enjoy it, rather than scaring them on the ocean with the swell, bar entry's & all the other complications.

Really looking fwd to getting the new cat on the water,

cheers & thanks for any help with the above questions,


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Hey Shaun, go to QLSC and ask for Rohan, he's a pretty quick Mari sailer and also a sailmaker so he may be able to sort out your torn threads (I've found that sorting the bolt rope makes a huge difference with old sails, you release the bolt rope from the bottom of the sail).


As to launching DON'T use the road trailer, it'll just make it rusty.  What I've done is offload the cat onto the grass (or sand) then rig then shuffle it into the water.  I've used a piece of 4x2 treated pine which helps stop rubbing of the keel line (make sure yours hasn't rubbed through by the way).


I'd strongly recommend that you replace the rigging, shrouds and forestays (5.5m forestay, 5m shrouds) and the dolphin striker cable.  There is a lot of pressure and you feel a right dick if your mast falls down in the middle of the lake!  Again Rohan should assist (most sailmakers do rigging too) mine cost me $80 for the shrouds and $30 for the dolphin striker cable.  If the dolphin cable goes the boat tends to fold in half!


All the best, these really are one of the best little cats to sail.


BTW tacking is an absolute bugger when cat rigged (one sail) but when you get the hang of it it's quite sweet!



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Get a set of barrow wheels or better still get a set of Beach Rollers.




a new set of those is around $700 but they are worth every cent at the end of a days sailing and they  will add value to your Cat.

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It will be great to have another mari on the lake! You will get away with not having  beach wheels at the lake, and Rohan will among others help with new rigging which is good advice to renew the dolphin striker, at the very least, for piece of mind. Usually people at the club from 11.30 and racing starts 2pm ish.

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