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Things to watch out for on a Nacra 5.5


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Same sort of stuff with any of the nacra breed. Check under the bows for splitting, around the center cases for cracking, soft decks, cracking around the transoms. You have a camera on a stick then check the bulkheads as they can and do fail.

Check the dolphin striker strap for corrosion and cracking, particularly where it meets the hull. Should be replaced every few years. Tell tale is the rod almost fully adjusted up which is code for the strap being stretched and near failure.

Check the main beam for cracks around where the dolphin striker passes through the beam, the main beam will also crack near the hulls.

Make sure the mast is straight, look along it to see any bends, make sure the diamonds are adjusted the same, if they are not it may be masking a kink.

Rudders have issues with the tops cracking, check those carefully.

Spares won't be an issue with most of the parts sharing with the other nacra models.

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